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5th Annual A D King Youth Empowerment Parade 2019

The A.D. King Foundation will host its 5th  Annual Youth Empowerment Parade on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

 Rev.  A.D. King, the deceased brother of Dr. Martin Luther King, was committed to empowering children through education mentoring and entrepreneurship.. 

 According to Dr. Babs Onabanjo, President and Chief Executive Officer of the foundation, the purpose of the parade is to engage our youth in civic activities, appreciation of African-American Heritage, Civil and Human Rights Movements and to create awareness and opportunities for youth mentoring, holistic educational development and entrepreneurship.

 We encourage high schools, middle schools, Technical Colleges & Universities band and Cheer leader teams to participate. Washington High (ADK & MLK alumni) and Morris Brown College(Strategic Center for the Civil Rights Movement) bands and cheer leaders will lead the parade. The parade is free to high, middle and college bands and cheer leaders. All youth organizations can participate free of charge.

 The registration link is For more information call

Dr. Babs Onabanjo at 770-873-9265. Vident Financial Services is a proud sponsor of this event.


Later Event: November 16
A D King Youth Empowerment Gala 2019