The A.D.King Foundation Inc.,non-profit (IRS 501 (c) (3) status): is a non-violent conflict resolution entity formed to revolutionize the mind set, attitude and behavior that promote violence and war with non-violent principles, methods and direct actions. The mission is to promote youth empowerment development and non-violent social change strategies as a way of life throughout the world. .

Upcoming Event:
A.D. King Foundation Film Premier
Behold the Dream: Brother To The Dreamer
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5th Annual King Youth Empowerment Parade
Thank you for a successful 2013 Parade. It's on youtube.com
Youth Parade 2015 Date: Saturday: September 19, 2015
Washington High School to The State Capitol
Please call 678-736-4933

Medical/Supplies Workshop In Atlanta Georgia;
Osun State Medical Equipment/Supplies delegation:
Date: May 27 - June 3, 2014:

Nigerian Economy Diversification Initiative Conference
Date: March 25 - March 31, 2014: Thanks for a successful Conference!
Focus: Nigerian Economy Diversification Initiative.
Click here to register. For more information, please email : info@ararockscreativecraftinstitute.com OR leaders@ararockscreativecraftinstitute.com or call +234 (0) 8097771196 OR +234 (0) 73290367 or

Dr. Onabanjo (babsonabanjo@yahoo.com) or Ms Abiodun Beecroft 678-437-2360

BIMINI PEACE RETREAT IN BAHAMAS WAS A GREAT SUCCESS. Thanks to all our ambassadors for peace and non-violent social change 2013:

Youth Empowerment Health Fair Summit September 12, 2015 visit www.adkingfoundation.ning.com
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King Youth Empowerment Award Gala & Legacy, Saturday, November 15, 2014 Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm.

Embrace Humanity: Stop Child Exploitation: Stop Child Prostitution: Suffer Not the little Children: Make The World A better Place.

Click here to our blog. For more information, please email : Babsonabanjo@adkingfoundation.com or call +1 (770) 873-9265 OR +1 (678) 736-4933

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The purpose of the AD King Foundation is to build a beloved community of Hope, Love, Faith and Humanity that transcend race, color or national origin.
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