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The A.D.King Foundation Inc.,non-profit (IRS 501 (c) (3) status): is a non-violent conflict resolution entity formed to revolutionize the mind set, attitude and behavior that promote violence and war with non-violent principles, methods and direct actions. The mission is to promote youth empowerment development and non-violent social change strategies as a way of life throughout the world. The goal is to build a beloved community with "Social Justice and Entrepreneurship" as the center core..

"Only Entrepreneurship spirit/ mind-set and access to opportunities can drive away or eliminate poverty"- Nicholas StoneStreet.

The legacy of Rev. A. D. King - Radio Broadcast - An Evening with Dr. Babs Onabanjo . Please click the link below: powerful!

Upcoming Event:
A.D. King Foundation Film Premier
Behold the Dream: Brother To The Dreamer
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5th Annual King Youth Empowerment Parade Cancelled
Thank you for a successful Parade. It's on
Youth Parade 2019 Date: Saturday: October 19, 2019
Washington High School to The State Capitol
Please call 678-736-4933

Association of Bursars of Nigerian Universities
November 13th - 17th, 2019

The A.D King Foundation Youth Empowerment Gala & Awards; November 16 , 2019 click on events for details For tickets>Click 
A D KING Foundation Board of Directors Meeting:
Date: October 4, 2019 - Friday-6:00 pm:

2505 Creel Rd, Atlanta Georgia 30349

Global Insight On Successful Existing Internal Revenue Generation Through Pro-Entrepreneurship Tutorship Training for Nigerian Universities In Partnership with A.D. King Foundation Inc., Ara Rocks Ltd Nigeria, National Universities Commission (NUC) and the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund)

Current On Going Programs and Activities:

  1. Adopt A School Programs, 2. Book Scholarships, 3. Entrepreneurship Tutoring, Mentoring and Apprenticeship, 4. Annual King Youth Empowerment Parade, 5. Back to School Health Summit, A D King Film Presentation, Elementary, Middle, High Schools - lecture visits, 6. Partnership with Law Enforcement and Community Policing.

Youth Empowerment Health Fair Summit visit A D King Foundation Blog:
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Youth Empowerment Award Gala Saturday, October 16, 2019 Time: 6:30 pm

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Embrace Humanity: Stop Child Exploitation: Stop Child Prostitution: Suffer Not the little Children: Make The World A better Place.

RESERVE YOUR SEAT Entrepreneurship Tutoring, Mentoring, Coaching, Advising and the challenges in Nigeria- A paradigm Shift from Dependency to Self Sufficiency, 

New Training Dates : To Be Announced: Thanks for a successful conference! Click here to view the Conference.
Theme: Practical Entrepreneurship Tutorship/Practice
Training for Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC)
Notable Activities:
BIMINI PEACE RETREAT IN BAHAMAS WAS A GREAT SUCCESS. Thanks to all our ambassadors for peace and non-violent social change:
Brazil Exchange Initiative Program:
Thank you Universidare Zumbi Dos Palmares Sao Paulo - Brasil

The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) -South Africa . Thanks for Honoring the legacies of the world’s three great champions of Peace and Non-Violent Resistance: Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

African Heritage ,My Heritage. My Pride, Sisi Oge, Lagos Nigeria. Thanks for Honoring - Mrs . Naomi King:  Peace & Justice Award: 2017: Heritage 1st Black History Month Award 2018 President of Nigeria - Muhammad Buhari

Thank you for a successful 2018 Gala

The Youth Empowerment Gala is an annual fundraising event which honors those who have contributed to the A. D. King Foundation’s commitment to empowering youth through enrichment programs, mentoring, nonviolent strategies and the creation of healthy lifestyles. It also honors Matriarchs, Entrepreneurs and Social Change Activists of Civil Rights and supports our ongoing programs.

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